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Travel & Expense Management

The ultimate solution to manage Budget, Policies & Approval workflows.

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Expense Management with Travog!


Effortless Filing

Seamless Approvals

Faster Reimbursement

Travel & Expense Management delivered how and
when you want it.

AI based recommendation engine provide the relevant personalised offers.

Personalisation Engine

Personalised booking recommendations

Powered with an intelligent search engine, it personalizes and recommends best flight, hotel and other booking options based on your travel history and company policies.

Global Profiling

Simplified global travel management

Creates comprehensive profiles for both your company and travellers. Seamless data management through Excel Upload and HRMS API/XML integration allows for effortless customization and tailored travel experiences.

Travel Policy

Company policy management

Implements flexible and customizable rules tailored to your company policies, ensuring compliance.

In-Trip Services

Travel companion

The in-trip assistant helps you find and book nearby lounges, hotels, and cabs, ensuring a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

Approval Workflow & Expense Tracking

Authorized approval process

Streamline the approval process for swift review and authorization, while enabling employees to effortlessly log travel expenses.

Budget Management

Empower smarter spending

Integrated budget management tools provide real-time visibility and control over travel & other expenses, alongside their alignment with company policies.

Expense Reimbursement

Automated user-friendly process

Efficient employee reimbursement through automated calculations and direct payments ensuring timely processing.

Reporting and Analytics

Real time management information

Delivers real time management data, comprehensive audit trails for compliance and insightful analysis of travel spending patterns.

All the financial information you need, in one place!

Expense Management

Effortless Expense Management for Everyone:
Policy Compliance & Multi-Level Approval - Made Easy:

Take Control with Real-Time Reporting

Smarter and Data Driven Decision Making:
Transparency & Control at Your Fingertips

Pricing & Plan


For an individual to effortlessly file, organise and reclaim their expenses.


Limited for 1 user
  • What’s included
  • check Companion app with near me features
  • check One click receipt scanning
  • check Unlimited expense filing
  • check Expense dashboard
  • check Personal expenses
  • check Trip reports
  • check PDF/Excel exports 


For growing businesses in search of best-in-class expense management system.


Per user per month
  • All the features from Professional+
  • check Multi-level approval workflow
  • check Corporate profiling 
  • check Policy approval & compliances
  • check Flexible and customizable policies 
  • check Budgeting 
  • check Per diem/daily allowance
  • check Custom insights and reporting 


For large firms, an all-inclusive corporate travel and expense management system.

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  • All the features from SME+
  • check Single Sign on (SSO)
  • check Global profiling across multiple regions
  • check Corporate hierarchy management
  • check Advanced analytic dashboard
  • check Airline negotiated deals and direct connects
  • check Audit & Compliance
  • check HRMS, ERP & external integrations